Reputation management

Reputation management - figure with bomb

Are you facing a potential challenge to your reputation, either personally or organisationally?

RFC can play an important part in helping to mitigate damage and even turn the situation to your advantage. We have many years’ experience in this field, handling issues such as fraud, termination of employment, alleged racism, IT failures, clinical negligence and regulatory breaches.

We commonly work closely with lawyers to find strategies that are attractive financially and in reputational terms. If you have a ‘crisis’, we can provide 24/7 support. Contact us now!

What others say

“There was a period when the press wanted to attack our company and the founders personally. Ron’s advice was fantastic and definitely helped minimise the nastiness. He was a reassuring presence and we felt much more confident in his capable hands.”

“My professional body employed the services of Ron Finlay at a time when we were under mounting derogatory media pressure. Quite frankly we were inexperienced in such matters and were very concerned until Ron came on board. Ron acted with calm professionalism, making a significant difference to the quality of the media coverage. I would strongly recommend him to anyone when there is potential for reputational damage.”