Media relations

Media relationsWould you like to have a higher positive profile in the media? Are you planning something significant that could do with good press support? Do you feel that you’re not punching your weight relative to competitors?

We can:

  • help you win that extra third-party recognition
  • work with you to devise the right communications plan, then put it into action
  • act as your spokesperson
  • write and place thought leadership articles
  • run a 24/7 press office
  • promote you on digital and social media
  • support you in a ‘crisis’

Our enormous experience means you can trust us to act with diplomacy and efficiency.

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What others say

“Ron’s help with our media launch was invaluable. He really made us focus on the key audiences for our news and how to craft the story in a way that would most appeal to them. His skill at thinking through not only the presentation of the subject matter but also the sequence and timing of releasing the news made a real difference to our success.”

“Ron provided expert advice and generated good leads in a niche and specialist area.”